Write sharp Descriptions

Well, you have got your E-Zine all set to go and now all you need to do is go nearby submitting it to directories and forums. Except there is still one thing missing in this formula. Can’t figure out what it is? Well, let’s look at it this way. You get to your forum or wherever it is you plan to promote your new E-zine and you are about to tell the whole world about it and the following comes out of your mouse.

“Check out my new E-Zine on Bug Collecting at (example www-yoursitenamehere.com).”

How many population do you think are going to be concerned adequate in your E-Zine to waste their time going there? That’s it? That is all you can come up with? Where is the passion?

Where is the humor? Where is the creativity? Where is the…Anything?

If you want to get population to your E-Zine then you have to make them Want to come to your E-Zine. Telling them you have an E-Zine on bug collecting isn’t going to cut the mustard.

So what do you do? Well, the sad truth is, nobody can teach creativity. You can teach somebody to play the notes on a piano, but unless they have a feel for the music they’re playing, the notes are going to only come out mechanical and uninteresting. However, just because you can’t teach somebody to write arresting and creative descriptions, hopefully by being exposed to adequate of them, over time, you’ll get the hang of it. Let’s take our bug collecting E-Zine as an example. Here’s a rather arresting and creative way to give population an idea of what they can find there.

“Hey, ever wonder how to bag a butterfly or can a cockroach? Maybe you’ll like to bring home a beetle or lasso a ladybug. No problem. My E-Zine on bug collecting will give you a bug’s eye view on how to capture just about any kind of crawly creature.”

Okay, maybe it’s a itsybitsy corny. But verily anyone who reads this is going to at least be arresting about your E-Zine. At the very least, they’re going to be arresting about the very strange kind of man behind the production of that E-Zine.

Because we learn better from examples, let’s take an E-Zine about something that most Internet marketers are concerned in, and that is Internet marketing. Now, let’s face it. These are a dime a dozen, so your E-Zine by itself better be something different. Let’s do something that most population would love to read. Internet Scams Exposed. Now, with a hot topic like this, probably just saying “Internet Scams Exposed E-Zine” would be adequate to get population flocking to it. But fantasize if we launched a article like this…

“Want to get back that you wasted on that garbage ebook? Tired of all these “data entry” jobs that are nothing but Google/Clickbank sales? Fed up with getting ripped off time and time again? Then check out my E-Zine ‘Internet Scams Exposed’ at, (example www-yourtitlehere.com)”

My guidance is to simply look at other E-Zine descriptions. Learn to identify the good ones from the dull ones. Finally you’ll become the creative writer that I could never teach you to be.