Tips How To Avoid Disappointments in Online Dating

The conception of meeting population online has taken the world by storm and is extremely popular by now, as well as internet dating.

And no wonder; you can ‘meet’ so many new population and you’re exposing yourself to an unlimited amount of victorious candidates all over the globe.

Plenty to choose from, plentifulness to compete against.

Whatever your reasons for logining into singles’ sites and letting the world know that you’re available, reconsider these few tips, which may truly help you and cut the amount of your disappointments.

The majority of our disappointments are our own doing, because we lie to make ourselves look great to a wider spectrum of strangers.

And both, men and women are guilty of this sin!

The most leading one, in my opinion, is the photo.

First impression is based on the looks. And initially we’re attracted to people, whose looks we like. And we always want to look our best.

Nothing wrong with that as long as it’s a current look! This sadly, is not the case with many photos on dating sites.

I’ve heard sooo many stories of population loading photos of 5 or even more years old. And then, after talking to someone online, they’re going to truly meet them for a coffee. And in most cases this will be the first and last time, and the coffee will be rather short. After not hearing from the other party again and collecting another bad experience, their frustration with internet dating grows bigger and bigger.

A friend of mine went on a date with a woman he truly found attractive. He loved her photo and found conversations with her very interesting. It was a exquisite occasion; Valentine’s Day. He booked a fancy restaurant, bought flowers… And couldn’t identify her. Her photo was 10 years old! Apparently she looked more like her mother, but her explanation was that she liked the photo (of herself of course) so much, that she put more oldies on her profile, with a great response by the way.

He couldn’t wait for the evening to finish, she was having a great time; he felt he fully wasted his money, she loved the place, food and flowers. She conception it was very romantic, he wanted to leave after 5 minutes.

He felt very disappointed, and even cheated on. Of course, he never called her again.

She called him few times, trying to meet up. I bet she felt disappointed in the end.

Another big issue is weight. Do Not put athletic if you’re overweight. Your date will be expecting an athlete to show up. If you’re skinny, don’t recapitulate yourself as athletic; if you’re athletic, do not say you’re skinny!

There’re a lot of guys preferring rounder ladies, and there’re plentifulness of women liking their men big. Please, save yourself from any unnecessary disappointments.

I was shocked when I found out how often population lie about their age.

If you’re a cougar woman or a sugar daddy, you want to meet someone of opposite gender who fancies who you are, instead of reasoning approximately aloud that you look Old.

Next thing is a personal profile.

It pays off to be sensibly honest, for your own sake. You will never make the whole world dying to meet you, so it’s probably wise to state clearly what you like and what sort of someone you’re finding for.

If you don’t want (more) kids, say so. Just imagine meeting someone you’re truly want in your life, and down the track everything’s falling apart because they think you cannot wait to expand the family.

If you want nothing to do with pets, say so, so you won’t get a kitten for your birthday.

If you prefer shopping or reading to physical activities, admit it in writing, so you won’t have to pretend you’re enjoying weekends outdoors.

If you’re not finding for a long term commitment but more for casual encounters, that’s fine, you can always convert your mind later.

In the end, I believe in a bit of destiny, as far as affairs of the heart are concerned.

I mean, you can be honest to the bone, but it doesn’t mean that the next someone you meet online will be your soul mate. On the other hand it may happen that you’ll go out with the biggest internet liar, who’ll be nothing like their online description, but after your initial shock (because of their lack of resemblance) and three coffees later, you’ll want only that person. You never know…