Why Did She Die?

My sister died 3 days after Christmas 2002. By her dying, did this mean she had learned all her life lessons and was ready to go to the next level? I as a matter of fact don’t understand why she had to die. Would you be so very kind as to give me your ideas on (her) death?

The soul understands itself as eternal, while we have a personalized view of death.

A balance was struck, somehow, within soul, by her passing. The soul has an eternal multi-layered understanding of a particular lifetime. There is no judgment and only compassion. We cannot know why a person, or soul, chooses what they chose, when they pick it.

For the soul, there is no death. It is not seen as a bad thing. There is no punishment. There is acceptance, but no sadness around their death. Only sadness that others are sad. In addition, a soul, after “passing over”, enjoys unlimited options. The soul whether rests, incorporating or understanding differently the lessons of their life, or they leave immediately to continue on the eternal journey of more and better.

The soul is always trying to express itself in terms of soul, or eternal qualities, in greater understanding within the physical world. We pick lifetimes, or people, that help us learn to express those qualities. If the quality of self is realized, the soul continues to seek greater illumination in successive lifetimes. If the quality of self, or soul, was not realized, the soul incorporates the understandings gained and continues to move on, seeking whether that quality again, or those qualities that allow wholeness. The choices and options are infinite.

Each lifetime serves an aspect of soul that wants to be explored. As a quality gets realized, the soul understands more fully, what it is. This understanding is not necessarily human understanding. The soul then moves on to its next step in development. That sometimes requires us to move on from that place, body, or people.

The uncomplicated write back is that yes, she learned, and is excited about returning to withhold the changes going on in the earth at this time.

I as a matter of fact don’t understand why she had to die when she had so much to give others.

You could say we misunderstand death. It is wrought with emotions, grief, and loss. There is the sadness of them being gone, the fear we will never see them again. That we cannot communicate with them. We cannot do anyone about their passing. We can, however, write back what was given to the habitancy left behind. We can take the kind of person they were, compassionate, forgiving, trying to live a confident way; how they gave of themselves; taking the best of what they left behind and embody it. Share it with others.

As hard as it is for us, it was accepted for them, and we need to honor that this is a continuation in the improvement of her soul. Be happy for the lasting improvement of her soul, because we are all doing it.

For her, for any soul, there is never sorrow, always happiness. It flies in the face of what we believe and we are stuck with our feelings of pain and loss. We all have this perspective, in truth, for it is not what we have been taught. Writing this brought up all the same emotions within me.

If you watch for signs, you will see that your sister has not left in the sense we believe is true. Our loved ones are still around. There are ways for you to know that she is still around. Watch your dreams and you will find your sister is still visiting with you. Pay attentiveness to those instances when you think of her unexpectedly. She is not unhappy, where she is. She is as a matter of fact joyous.