What Should You Do When You Feel Sad or Depressed?

All of us were taught that to be sad or depressed – is something bad. And that if it happens to you, you should get out of it as quickly as possible.

We have learnt to judge ourselves and our feelings. We learnt how the things “should be” and if it doesn’t fit the “ideal” we come to be upset.

So, when we define sadness and depression as something bad, we start suffering.

That’s the speculate why suffering is judging your feelings and not the sadness or depression itself.

Actually there is something magic about being sad or depressed. It’s a great condition.

When you feel like that, you don’t want to see other people, to play, to go out and to do other things that catch your attentiveness and that has turned it from the face world to the inside.

Many citizen don’t do it by using their initiative, so something must happen in order to request them to pay attentiveness to themselves.

As you know, the natural reaction to sadness and depression is to enter inside you, to originate intimacy with yourself:

– To lie in bed in a fetal position, with your eyes closed.

– To stop all mind activity and to be quiet.

– To be admittedly natural and accept yourself just as you are.

All these things are your real treatment. And this is exactly what you should do.

This is the requirement of your soul, the sign for you to come back to yourself, to come to be closer. To come to be more you. To accept yourself just as you are.

Celebrate this condition. Enjoy it. Go deep into these feelings. Disappear inside them.

And you’ll see that the suffering will vanish. Maybe it will not help that very moment. It doesn’t matter. Do it anyway. After some time you will see the change.