Now I’m Sad

We had a power outage in my neighborhood (some new phone business disrupting all of us who work from home), so I got in the car and drove to my beloved coffee shop called It’s A Grind, in Ballantyne Village. I love It’s a Grind because it’s Not Starbucks and because I know the owner and the gals who work here know me by name. In the car I was listening to Npr and the estimate of bad financial news was just shocking. Lehman Bros. Had just failed and Aig had just been bailed out by the Feds. I was depressed and a minuscule scared, but I wasn’t sad. I got to Ballantyne Village, parked and walked to my coffee shop, only to find out it was shuttered with a note on the door, “Our Apologies!!! We are Closed”. This wasn’t a temporary “taking inventory” closure. Most of the shelves are bare, even though the furniture is still in place. And then I became sad. In this 2.5 year old shopping center there have been three major closures in the last few months – an upscale restaurant called Table, a wine store and bar with live music, and now my coffee shop.

As my readers know, and I guess we’re down to just Mom now, I try to bring light and happiness and as much optimism as I can in my blog because I think the world is going through some evil turns and I don’t want to be a part of any kind of doom and gloom. But truthfully, I can’t see much good in someone’s dream going bust. I can’t help but think about the owner and also the employees who were so upbeat and gracious to the patrons. Where are they and what will they do now?

And I need to think about myself too. I’m no longer doing sales and I need to find some employment pronto. I’m glad I’ve lived my dream as best I could but this is not the best of times to be finding for a job. I do have an unwavering reliance that I will be all right. I always am. I always land on my feet. As I was told, I have a host of angels nearby me, protecting me. I always sensed it and will be forever grateful that a friend verbalized it for me. But I don’t want any one else to be hurting. I want love, light and happiness for everyone!

I can share with you what brings me back to an optimistic state. I go out into nature, like my gorgeous mini-forest back yard, or I look at something in my house that puts a smile on my face. I might just take five minutes to watch my cats stalking squirrels or sleeping soundly, and I say “thank you”. I don’t know what it is about being grateful, but it tends to calm me down.