Why Can’t I Fall in Love? 3 Reasons Many Women Never Fall in Love (Sad But True)

Why can’t I fall in love? Are my standards too high? Am I too picky? Or am I plainly Not meeting the right men? In this narrative we are going to take a quick look at some uncomplicated reasons many women Never fall in love…and ultimately, and unfortunately live lives of emptiness and loneliness as a result.

Reason #1: A Focus on Finances

Hey look….your vocation is important. I get it! So is mine..:-) But the truth is, many women are looking themselves So focused on work, money and getting ahead….that they totally forget the Real joy in life has nothing to do with money. And truthfully…..very little to with your vocation as well. The true joy that most of us get out of our lives stems from rewarding relationships. And if you Don’T pursue This with passion…..your life is unfortunately going to be unfulfilled.

Reason #2: You are Way Too Picky!

So many women originate the “perfect” man in their minds eye. They write it down….imagine he’s out there, and then let just about everybody who may be interested….pass on by without a closer look! The truth is…..the universe Rarely produces any “perfect” people. And paper compatibility….Rarely translates into real life love. Open yourself up to New experiences with habitancy you may Not have pictured as a partner. You may be surprised at how much you can grow as a person….how many new friends you may make, and ultimately, how much More likely it will be that your perspective of perfect may change to boot!

Reason #3: You Aren’t Manifesting Your Mate

Yes, I know this is a bit controversial for some of you…..but it Happens to be true! The uncomplicated truth is that there Is one man out there who is perfect for you….flaws, foibles and all. And to find him….you may need to tap into your “highest” self and plainly ask the universe for a little bit of direction! (and maybe a wee bit of help as well!) The uncomplicated truth is that while some habitancy believe this is new age nonsense….it’s positively not! And the proof is…the Most victorious habitancy you know (from celebrities to lowly habitancy alike) use attraction, psychic energy and magical manifestation methods to bring Into their lives what they want….and more often than not, that Includes true love.

The lowest Line?

Life is short…and I Do believe there is man out there, waiting for you at This very moment. Take control. Be assertive. Be resourceful. And be creative! You Do deserve to fall in love…and when you are Ready, you positively will…..I promise!