Birthday Poems – Happy, Funny, Sad Or Inspirational?

It is very easy when finding for birthday poems to pick the first one you come over but does this surely say what you want it to say?

When trying to find birthday poems for a card or as a gift it is leading to find words that transport the right message. You do not want to be sending a friend a mushy slushy birthday poem if your friendship is not like that. And with the same token you don’t want to send you partner birthday poems that are funny if you want to tell them how much you love them.

Birthday poems can be written in many dissimilar ways, some will make your sides split, others will bring on the tears so it is leading that you have an idea of the theme before you start finding for birthday poems.

For example A birthday poem to a very extra co-worker who takes the young ones under her wing as though they were her own children. Could be written as follows:


Hello, Nancy, you are a very extra person, we just wanted to say we’re proud of you, we’re very proud of who you are, and we’re very proud of what you do.

And we know that today is your birthday, so we hope you have a great day, indeed, because you’ve cared for us since our very first day, you taught us everything, in order for us to succeed.

In fact, you took us under your magical wing, like this wonderful, protective mom hen, and ever since, we’ve looked up to you, because you share your wisdom, again and again.

You teach us about house values, and that work ethic is something that never ends, but most of all, and this is the best part, we’re honored to be able to call you friends.

In truth, you treat us like one of your children, and that’s a mighty fine place to be, and we just wanted you to know that you’re special, and you mean the very world to Chris and me.

You’re loving, caring, spiritual and so very positive, and there’s many more attributes that spring to mind, you’re motivational, you’re inspirational, and we’ve never known anything who’s even half as kind.

You surely do mean such a lot to us, in fact, there’s probably not enough lots on this Earth, because we know the vale of your friendship, and we know exactly what that’s worth.

So, we want you to read this poem often, so you’re reminded of just how mighty you surely are, because if our admiration was a distance, then it would be supplementary than the furthest star.

And we just wanted to say Happy Birthday, I guess that’s surely what these words are for, here’s to you, Nancy, you’re simply wonderful, and here’s to our everlasting friendship, for evermore.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2008

What ever birthday poems you settle to send, all the time spend as much time as inherent reading as many birthday poems as you can until the right one comes to light.