For The Newly Widowed-What To Do When You’re Sad And Blue? The answer May Surprise You

You’re alone now. You, the newly widowed, find yourself standing over a kitchen lumpy-cheese-filled sink, an empty milk carton in one hand, a cup of black coffee in the other, wondering out loud, “What do I do with the rest of my life now that He’s gone?”

Scared? Frightened? You betcha! Let’s face it, on the long list of Ugly, burying a husband rockets to the top. But never fear I got 1 tip to guide you through the grief process. Here it is:

Do nothing. Yes, you heard correct. Do nothing. Whenever you, the newly widowed, got no idea what it is you should be doing at any given time; when you, the newly widowed, feel sad and blue, overwhelmed, and have that kick-in-the-butt-miserable-and-unable-to-cope-with-it-all-over feeling, do yourself a favor, Stop! Take one giant baby step backwards, and remember always, when the going gets tough, the tough take time out and rest.

This is your time now. And it’s foremost to remember that. I know it is hard enchanting send after the death of a husband. To be distinct there will be days you will wish to disappear off the face of this earth. But I’m here to tell you, you can and you will get through the grief process. Just consequent my advice outlined above, remember nothing about everything I said, and later than sooner, you’ll be okay. And you may even conclude to scrub the kitchen sink and get to the store for a fresh box of milk.